Home Remedies for Preventing Foot Odor

Home Remedies for Preventing Foot Odor Foot odor could develop due to a series of reasons, the most common of which are lack of foot hygiene and the multiplication of excessive bacteria.
Foot odor and sweaty feet can be fairly embarrassing, and yet, with the help of a few effective home remedies, you can easily and successfully get rid of it.
[Hyperhidrosis] Here are a few home remedies for preventing food odor and excessive sweating.
What causes bad foot odor?.
The primary cause is foot sweat.
Sweat, even though it doesn’t smell, creates an environment that fosters bacteria multiplication.
Bacterial growth is responsible for bad foot odor.
Using inappropriate shoes and/or socks (especially polyester and nylon), and insufficient ventilation worsen this condition.
Socks absorb variable amounts of sweat on the feet; using shoes without socks, in fact, increases the amount of sweat in contact with the feet, and therefore increases bacteria activity which causes odors.
Hairy feet is also another factor that contributes to bacterial growth.
Foot odor, or bromhidrosis, is caused by bacteria that thrive on hot and moist feet.
Sweat creates a favorable environment in which bacteria can multiply.
The soles of the feet contain innumerable sweat glands that secrete sweat, which is composed of water, sodium, chloride, fats and acids.
Bacteria growth and the production of these components creates bad foot odor.
Home remedies for sweaty feet.
Here are a few effective home remedies for foot odor:.
Sodium bicarbonate.
Add a bit of baking soda to a bucket of water and soak your feet for 10 minutes.
The sodium bicarbonate will increase the acidic properties of your feet and significantly reduce foot odor.
Sodium bicarbonate creates a hostile environment that does not foster bacteria growth, thereby preventing unpleasant odors.
Black tea.
Boil water with 5 tea bags for 15 minutes.
Let the water turn luke warm and then submerge your feet in it.
Then dry your feet well and apply foot powder to your feet.
Tea tree essential oil.
Wash your feet well, dry them and then apply a bit of tea tree essential oil to the soles of your feet.
Do not apply the oil directly.
Mix approximately 10 drops of tea tree oil with 10 mL of wheat germ or almond oil.
Foot odor prevention.
Here are some tips that can prevent foot odor.
Make sure to wash your feet well every day, using antibacterial soap.
Scrub them once or twice a week to remove dead cells.
Dont forget the area between your toes.
Dry your feet immediately after your shower.
Change your socks regularly.
Avoid using the same shoes two days in a row.
Sprinkle foot powder between your toes to keep your feet dry and to delay bacteria growth.
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