Tinnitus Relief in 4 steps (NOT CLICKBAIT!)

hey guys this is Liam this is anothervideo from tinnitus treatment and today I'm going to talk to you about tinnitusrelief and how to get relief from tinnitus let's do it but the thing istinnitus is just a symptom which is good news because it means that if you fixthe actual problem which is causing tinnitus you can stop tinnitus now youcan get tonight it's one of four ways those four ways of being over stressedfor long amounts of time having noise trauma two ears muscle strain in yourneck which is pulling down in your jaw and actually causing your ears to ringbecause they're just inflamed and they're just pressure in the eardrumsand the fourth one is diet so if you're eating bad things able to sugar lots ofcaffeine or to alcohol to bread or you've had a you've had antibiotics orprescription drugs like painkillers and antidepressants all these things causetinnitus so let's get into those four things so the first thing is stress sothis is about tinnitus relief so how to get relief from tinnitus we're reallygoing to attack the unlight because no matter how you got tinnitus just knowthat you can fix it first thing is stress and diet a very very highlyconnected they're very very intertwined so your gut health as you've probablyseen in a million TED Talks your gut health is actually connected to yoursense of stress your sense of well-being your ability to sleep the capacitorhandles fast you're only allowed to drink water if you have tinnitus you'reonly allowed to drink water from now on clean water not tap water tap water isbullshit you can't have caffeine kind of alcohol kind of sugar you can't haveprocessed foods all this advice I give you is merely optional for you taketotally optional but it does cure tinnitus it's a it's a tinnitus reliefokay the next thing is muscle relief and this is really important to this isprobably the easiest thing to reduce the symptoms of tinnitus but it hurts a lotso this is you want this is just a bowl a really hard blue I think it's a squashball or something so what you want to do with this is put it like this it makesmy leucite by the way it's building legit it's called myofascial release itreleases the tendons and muscles that pull down on your jaw which causes yourears to get inflamed that causes tinnituswho would have thought okay so put it in the side here and you're gonna wantactually lay on the ground what will happen is if you do have a problem it'sgonna really really hurt that's a good sign but don't do it too hard don'tcause any bruising or anything like that when you push it but you want to do thison the ground by the way or you can just do it today if you want to really soremaybe just start like this you're gonna feel is you gonna start tofeel pulling under your arm here and in your back which means that your musclesand tendency and my fashio is really really tight it's a goodchance that when you're sleeping and sleeping like this the last thing we'regoing to talk about is noise trauma because we've done diet stress diet andstress is so related it's a joke it's practically the same thing okay to stopeating crap in terms of what you can date I'm goingto put a picture below here so you can this is what you should be eatingthere's no meat you can eat meat it's fine as long as it's from the highestquality fucking butcher that you basically can't even afford that's whereyou need to going to get me make sure it's beef as well as fatty meters whatdo you want you should only be eating really really healthy fruit andvegetable no you need to give your ears a rest so give it a rest while you'refixing everything else in your body these things are gonna give you reliefnow the fifth thing is there's a way which you have to do them and it'sreally it's not complicated but you need to written down so what I've done foryou guys is if you click the link below this video it's gonna take you to mywebsite where you can download a three-week guide I'm just going to showyou what to eat how to ice the muscles in your neck practically anything isfixable if you just turn your life on its head I guarantee you if you havetinnitus should diet in your lifestyle is a piece of shit okay it's easy to fixdon't listen to anyone who says you can't fix it that's the end of thisvideo guys this is about tinnitus relief.

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