Benefits of Birth Control | Birth Control

Aside from preventing pregnancy, dependingon the birth control option that you use, there are lots of benefits related to birthcontrol use.

Some of the pills that you use will make your periods very, very short andvery light and predictable.

They prevent endometrial and ovarian cancer.

And if you're going ona cruise with your boyfriend and you decide you don't want to have your period that month,you can take the pills continuously, skip the placebo, and start a new pack of pills,and you don't get your period that month.

And while that sounds strange and concerningthat you don't get your period, it is perfectly safe to skip your period so long as you'retaking your pills consistently.

And there are other forms of birth control that youcan use that can have the same benefits as well.

My favorite benefit of birth control is whatit does for your skin.

The birth control options that have the best effect on your skin, meaningthat you have the least amount of acne, are birth control options that have both estrogenand progesterone.

These birth control options do wonderful things for your skin.

The changesin your hormones that cause you to have changes in your skin are no longer a problem whenyou take combined hormonal birth control options.

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