Instant Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure That Work: 24 Natural Ways To Treat Hypertension

Home Remedies For High Blood Pressure.

Natural methods of treating high blood pressure(hypertension) usually combine the use of herbs and proper lifestyle habits.

The following are some natural home remediesfor hypertension.



The leaf of the basil plant has been provento contain eugenol, which has vasodilating properties.

This means that consumption of basil leaveswill help to prevent constriction of the blood vessels, which is a precursor to high bloodpressure.

Thus, inclusion of basil leaves in the dietof a hypertensive person will help to regulate the blood pressure.



Drinking cardamom tea or adding the spiceto your foods and drinks has been known to help in the treatment of high blood pressure.

According to a study, daily intake of 3 gramsof cardamom powder for a 3-month period can result in a regulated blood pressure.



Flaxseeds are rich in omega-3 fatty acidsthat help in lowering high blood pressure.

According to a study, taking about 50 gramsof flaxseeds each day for at least 3 months can help in treating hypertension.

Other foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids likefish oil and wild-caught salmon can also be included in your meal to increase your dailyintake of the fat.



Garlic has blood-thinning properties as wellas help in unblocking the blood vessels.

Adding garlic to your meals or chewing itraw will help to lower high blood pressure and also in preventing the condition.


Limit your alcohol intake.

Excessive alcohol consumption has been linkedto about a fifth of all hypertension cases.

Therefore, binge drinking won�t do you anygood especially if you have a family history of hypertension.


Reduce your caffeine intake.

Like alcohol, too much intake of caffeinateddrinks can also increase your blood pressure.

While there is no sufficient proof to thiseffect, it is believed that caffeine intake can cause a momentary spike in blood pressure.

That said, it has been found that people whoregularly consume caffeinated drinks have a lower risk of developing high blood pressure.


Quit smoking.

Smoking is a common factor that contributesto the development of several cardiovascular health problems.

Research has also discovered that tobaccosmoking is deleterious to the blood vessels.

Although there have not been confirmatorystudies on the direct relationship between smoking and hypertension, quitting the habitwill help the body in several ways.



Ginger is a storehouse of powerful antioxidantsthat makes it a wonderful herb for treating various health conditions.

For the purpose of reducing high blood pressure,ginger works by improving the circulation of blood and by relaxing the muscles aroundthe arteries.

You can consume ginger in various ways, includingadding it to meals and chewing it raw.



We already mentioned that physical inactivitycan cause hypertension.

Regular exercise is a remedy for this riskfactor.

Simply walking or more exerting activitieslike running will help to put the heart in good shape.

So, if your high blood pressure is mainlydue to a lack of physical activity, you should start working out every day to remedy thesituation.


French lavender.

French lavender can be used for hypertensiontreatment.

Studies conducted on rodents have found thatlavender extract can be used to slow heart rate and reduce blood pressure.



Hawthorn is packed with powerful antioxidantssuch as flavonoids, which are beneficial in lowering high blood pressure.

Besides, the antioxidants present in hawthorn,it also helps to protect the blood vessels and the heart from diseases.

For treating hypertension, it is recommendedthat you take about 500 mg of hawthorn extract each day or hawthorn tea.



Emotional and mental stress have also beenlinked to hypertension.

This is because stress causes the heart rateto increase and tightening of the arteries.

In addition, stress has been found to leadmany persons into impulsive behaviors like alcohol addiction and overeating, thereby,increasing the risk of hypertension.

De-stressing yourself by listening to musicor reducing your stressful situations can help to cure hypertension.



Cinnamon is a herbal plant that is used asspice for cooking.

You can benefit from this herb by adding itto your meals, or by making tea with it.

Whichever method you decide to go with, youare rest assured that cinnamon will help to regulate hypertension.


Reduce your salt intake.

High intake of salt has been linked to anincreased risk of hypertension.

This is basically because salt contains sodium,which is harmful to the heart in large amounts.

Apart from this, it is suggested that abouthalf of all hypertensive people have sensitivity to salt and are unable to properly processthe sodium content.

Hence, cutting back on your salt intake isa natural way of lowering your high blood pressure.


Increase your intake of potassium-rich foods.

Foods rich in potassium like bananas and avocadoscan help to balance the effects of sodium in the body.

Eating such foods will help to lower the bloodpressure.


Dark chocolate.

Dark chocolate, or semi-sweet chocolate, canbe used for curing high blood pressure.

According to several studies, dark chocolatecontains powerful flavonoids, which help to prevent constriction of blood vessels.

You can also use cocoa powder in additionto dark chocolate for best results.



Spinach is rich in folate and magnesium, whichare known to help in protecting the heart from cardiovascular disease.

Adding spinach to your meals or using it forsmoothie is a natural way of treating and preventing high blood pressure.



Tomatoes are rich in powerful chemical compoundssuch as phytochemicals, which play an important role in reducing bad cholesterol levels inthe blood.

Lycopene, which is the chief phytochemicalin tomato and the source of the fruit�s red color, has been shown to have a positiveeffect in reducing cholesterol levels in the blood.

High blood cholesterol levels have been linkedwith an increased risk of hypertension, so regular consumption of tomatoes will helpto not only lower blood pressure, but can also help in preventing the condition.


Reduce your intake of high fat foods.

Consumption of foods with a high cholesterolor high fat content increase the risk of developing hypertension and heart disease.

Therefore, cutting back on the consumptionof such foods will do you a lot of good if you are hypertensive.


Deep breathing.

Deep breathing is classified as a stress reductiontechnique and has been shown to play a role in the activation of the parasympathetic nervoussystem.

Among other functions, the parasympatheticnervous system stimulates vasodilation (dilation of blood vessels) and in slowing the heart.

Furthermore, studies have proven that deepbreathing can help to lower blood pressure in a relatively short time.


Green tea.

A recent study has proven that daily consumptionof green tea for a 6 month period will help to significantly lower high blood pressure.

The underlying reason is because green teais loaded with powerful antioxidants like phytochemicals which help in protecting thehe


Cat�s claw.

In Traditional Chinese medicine, cat�s clawis a common herbal remedy for neurological problems as well as high blood pressure.

Laboratory studies have found that cat�sclaw can help in lowering blood pressure due to its action on calcium.


Celery seeds.

Celery stalks and seeds have been used inTraditional Chinese medicine for treating high blood pressure.

This works because celery contains compoundsthat help in unblocking stuffed arteries as well as in reducing the bad cholesterol levelsin the body.

So, if you have hypertension, you should considerchewing on some celery stalks or drinking celery seed extract daily.


Shed the extra weight.

Obesity and being overweight are also contributorsto high blood pressure.

Several studies have found that losing weightcan help to significantly lower high blood pressure.

While the process of gaining weight is definitelyeasier for most people, losing weight will help the body in a lot of positive ways.

Proper understanding of the underlying causesof hypertension will help to know the appropriate remedies to be employed.

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