Three Diabetes Management Tips For Traveling

Hey guys! I hope you’re staying warm.
So Rhodes is away on business this week andhe asked me to share with you a couple of the things that we do to prepare him whenhe’s gonna be traveling and so to make sure that he stays on his routine and that he isprepared for everything.
[Diabetes] So first in terms of exercise, and especiallyif he is going to a conference and he is going to be sitting for a large part of the dayand he is going to be eating out at restaurants where he is going to have a little less controlof his carb intake.
He works out everyday and so he takes enoughgym clothes for every day of his trip and he really tries to use it all.
It is sometimes easier when you just havea gym or workout facility in your hotel.
You don’t have to leave the building.
You don’t have to drive.
You can wake up; you can sleep in a few minutesmore and still get 30 minutes in at the gym.
So he definitely does that when he travels.
Two, is we make sure he has his healthy lowcarb snacks available – so whether it is on the airplane, if there is a delay and he isstuck, If he comes back to his room after a long day and has the munchies and is hungry,does he have something that he can grab that will keep him on track? And so I sent him with three bags of flavorednuts so instead of a trail mix that is full of chocolates and raisins and maybe some thingsthat are adding sugars and carbs, I looked for flavored or seasoned nuts.
So he had some dill pickle cashews and somelightly dusted with a chocolate powder almonds.
And so still relatively low carb, filling,high in protein and something that he can grab and have a serving or two in the eveningor as needed during his travel.
And third, we have a checklist that even after35 years of being diabetic, Rhodes will still leave things behind.
And so years ago, we made a checklist of allthe things that he has to have with him, the reserves, prescription items, just practicalitems that he needs to manage his diabetes, and he keeps it in the medicine cabinet orin the drawer in our master bath and so he will refer to it, just take a quick glance,before he finishes packing to make sure he’s got all the items on his list and it justreally helps him to know that he has everything he needs to stay on track while he is traveling.
I hope this is helpful and I hope you havea great week!.
Source: Youtube