7 Best Kidney Cleansing Herbs – Top Herbs for Kidney Health

Understanding Kidney Health and Function

Your kidneys, bean-shaped organs located at the backside of your abdomen, play a crucial role in maintaining overall health. Responsible for filtering waste and toxins from your bloodstream, kidneys release essential hormones such as erythropoietin, rennin, and calcitriol.

Kidneys’ Self-Cleansing Mechanism

Kidneys, while inherently self-cleansing, benefit from adequate fluid intake and hydration. Certain fruits, vegetables, and water consumption contribute to this process.

Recognizing the Need for Kidney Cleansing

If experiencing symptoms like fatigue, moodiness, kidney pain after eating, eczema, bloating, sudden weight gain, kidney stones, or urinary tract infections, your kidneys may require additional support.

Using Herbs for Kidney Cleansing

For those seeking extra assistance, some herbs, known as “super herbs,” can aid in kidney cleansing. It’s crucial to consult your doctor before integrating herbs, especially if you have pre-existing kidney conditions or take medications.

Top “Super Herbs” for Kidney Cleansing

HerbActive SubstancesInternal WorkingsBest Way to Administer
ParsleyApiol and MyristicinNatural diuretic; aids in cleansing kidneys and eliminating excess water.Use fresh parsley in salads, smoothies, or as tea.
Dandelion RootInulin, Potassium and TaraxerolDiuretic; supports toxin removal from kidneys and liver.Consumed as dandelion tea or in supplement form.
Marshmallow RootMucilage, Flavonoids, CoumarinsDiuretic properties; helps keep kidneys, urinary tract, and bladder clean.Commonly consumed as tea or in capsule form.
GingerGingerol, Shogaol, CapsaicinEffective in cleansing kidneys, liver, and aiding digestion.Consumed fresh, as a spice, or as ginger tea.
TurmericCurcuminFacilitates kidney cleansing, liver detoxification, and has anti-inflammatory properties.Used in cooking, as a supplement, or in turmeric tea.
CeleryPotassium, Apium graveolens, Apigenin, Citric acidNatural diuretic; removes toxins, enhances kidney performance.Eaten raw, added to salads, or as celery juice.
Corn Silk Flavonoids, Alkaloids, Potassium, Coumarins, SterolsNatural diuretic; increases urine production for waste elimination.Used as tea or in supplement form; ensure adequate fluid intake.

Additional Tips for Kidney Health

In addition to herbal support, adhere to these guidelines for optimal kidney health:
– Avoid smoking, tobacco, excessive alcohol, and caffeine.
– Maintain normal blood pressure, blood sugar, and cholesterol levels.
– Stay hydrated with ample water intake.
– Manage weight through a healthy diet and exercise.
– Minimize fried foods, excessive salt; opt for a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, and whole-grain foods.

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Video Transcript

Your kidneys are organs that are shaped like a bean.
They are located at the backside of your abdomen.
They provide your body with very important functions.
Particularly, they are primarily responsible for filtering waste and toxins from your bloodstream.
They also release important hormones into your body: erythropoietin, rennin, and calcitriol.
Those hormones are extremely important to your overall health.
[Kidneys] Your kidneys are constantly working, along with your other organs, in order to keep your blood pressure under control, produce red blood cells and to create Vitamin D.
Kidneys are organs that essentially cleanse themselves.
However, to help them do this, you must drink enough fluids and remain hydrated.

You can also help to achieve this by eating certain fruits and vegetables, as well as drinking water.
When your kidneys cleanse themselves, they are not only removing toxins from your body, but also help to keep your blood pressure under control, help the function of your urinary tract and help the function of your bladder.
If you are feeling symptoms of kidney trouble,you may need some extra help in cleansing your kidneys.
These symptoms can include: feeling fatigued,feeling moody, feeling pain in your kidneys after eating, eczema of the skin, feeling bloated, sudden weight gain, kidney stones, or urinary tract infections.
You can help your kidneys along by maintaining a healthy diet and exercise regime.
It is essential that you keep your body hydrated,as well.
However, if you feel that you need a little extra help in cleansing your kidneys, you can turn to some herbs.
It is important that you consult your doctor before adding any herbs into your daily regime.
They may not be suitable for those with pre-existing kidney disease, or other medical conditions.
The herbs may also interact with certain medications.
Here is a list of the top “super kidney cleansing herbs:
Parsley Parsley is an herb that contains apiol andmyristicin, which makes it a natural diuretic.
That means that parsley helps to cleanse your kidneys and get rid of excess water within your body.
Parsley can also help with your urination.
Increased urination can help flush out toxins and germs out of your kidneys.
Dandelion Root Dandelion root is also a diuretic that helps to keep both your kidneys and your liver free of toxins.
Dandelion root also removes any excess water from your body and prevents any irritation in the urinary tract.
Marshmallow Another herb that is also a diuretic is marshmallow root.
Marshmallow root can help your body to keep your kidneys, urinary tract and bladder clean and free of infections.
Ginger Another effective tool for cleansing your kidneys is ginger.
Ginger provides many benefits to your body, including helping to clean your body of toxins, cleanse your liver, and help with your digestion.
Turmeric Another herb that helps to cleanse your body is turmeric.
Turmeric can help clean out kidneys, detoxify your liver and purify your blood.
It also is able to prevent kidney inflammation and infections.
Celery Celery is another product that is a natural diuretic.
It helps to remove harmful toxins and chemicals from your body.
Celery also has natural nutrients that increase your kidneys’ performance.
Consuming celery on a regular basis can help your body to prevent kidney stones and kidney infections.
Corn Silk Another natural diuretic is corn silk.
This product helps your body to produce more urine, which in turn causes your body to get rid of waste and toxins.
It can be used to treat bladder infections, kidney stones and urinary tract infections.
Be sure to drink plenty of other fluids when you use corn silk to cleanse your kidneys and other organs.
Additional Tips: – Do not smoke, use tobacco products, or consume an excessive amount of alcohol and caffeine.
– Maintain normal blood pressure and blood sugar levels.
– Keep your cholesterol levels under control.
– Stay hydrated and drink plenty of water throughout the day.
– If you are overweight, try to lose weight and maintain a healthy body weight.
– Avoid fried foods and excessive salt.
– Follow a diet rich in fruits, green vegetables,and whole-grain foods.

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