Acne Treatment – Birth Control Pills

Birth control and acne are an important subject to think about.

We know that testosterone receptors, enzymes that make testosteroneactive in the tissue is critical, and we know that certain birth control pills are helpful in blocking theseandrogen receptors.

There is lots of controversy recently about Yaz and Yazmin, which are these birth control pillsthat have progestrone, which blocks the testosterone receptors.

The controversy about this is that there is a class action lawsuitin the United States about an increased risk of clotting.

We know that the birth control pill has a small risk of DVT (deep venous thrombosis) clotting on the calves.

Why is that important? Because some of those clots can spread into the lungs, and can be fatal.

The risk is incredibly low.

There are genetic factors that runs in families that show an increased risk in clotting.

We know that individuals who have been on a birth control for a number of months and haven't had any clots, are very unlikely to have clotting problems if they continue use.

The normal acne pill have 5 episodes of DVTs per 100,000 women as opposed to these newer drugs like Yaz and Yazmin which have9 per 100,000-years.

So yes, there is an increase but it's all very manageable, and I think that we find them to be very effective, especially in adult women who have acne.

Another thing that I'd like to comment on: Mothers particularlyare terrified about Accutane-isotretinoin.

Frequently they don't know why they're fighting about it, butthere's this aura that this is a bad drug, that their child should not even consider using.

I think it's a drug that hasto be followed closely, it has to be used appropriately by people who are experiened in using it.

It's a life-changingmedication with very low risks if monitored carefully.

Source: Youtube