hi guys welcome back to graceful beautymy name is sheri and today I wanted to share something with you that honestlyhas completely changed my life if you're somebody and you don't struggle withacne I would still watch this I mean if you want because what I'm gonna talkabout also can affect your body as well even if you don't have acne before weget started if you're not already subscribed to my channel but you wouldlike to be please look down below and tap on that subscribe button and if youwant to get notified every time I post new video make sure you tap that littlebell icon as well and I hope you'll give this video a thumbs up these are the twoproducts that I want to talk about today this is called estro block Pro and thisis the live detox a liver detox the reason I wanted to talk about these twoproducts instead of some you know special skincare that I use to get ridof acne is honestly because there was not a single skincare brand skincareproduct out there that was able to cure the type of acne that I had if you aresomebody out there struggling and you've tried everything on the market you evenchanged your diet and you can't figure out why you're still having thesehorrible acne breakouts you might benefit from these supplements the sameway I did now let me just give a full disclaimer I am NOT a doctor I am NOT ahealth care provider I was a medic in the military but I am NOT giving anymedical advice so before you try anything that I ever discuss on mychannel especially a supplement or something like that I would still talkto your doctor or dermatologist so I should let you know the type of skinthat I do have now I have oily acne prone skinI have hyperpigmentation and melasma which is basically a hormonal type ofhyperpigmentation briefly just to give you a little bit of history about myskin I never ever had acne as a child I had super super clear skin and then youknow when I became a young adult then I'd start getting the occasional youknow breakout here or there that time of the month I'm now 46 by the way just incase you guys don't know that so about three years agoI started getting these cysts like pimples theyyou know a cystic acne but they were not up here or here they were mostly aroundmy chin and my jaw but they were also going down my neck now if you go back tosome of my first videos you might see a few of them because I still get them ifI don't take this supplement I've never stopped taking this supplement longenough to where the breakouts the way they initially happened I've neverstopped it long enough to let that happen againI counted at one time I had 33 I kid you not you know I wish I would have hadpictures but this was three years ago before I started YouTube and of coursethat was not taking a picture back then but I had 33 big red deep cysts likebumps now they never turned into a Whitehead they just stayed there and I'mtalking they stayed there I still have some of the scarring on my neck fromsome that I got about four months got to where I was I was getting so depressedand I didn't really want to tell my husband and I was even with him you knowhe sees me with my gray hair with cellulite you know no makeup you knowwhatever I don't care he you know I don't think he cares but he might Idon't know but I didn't even want him to see my face it was so embarrassing and Iremember I would cry sometimes because I would you know be getting ready forchurch or something and trying to cover these things up and I just I couldn't doit there was just nothing I could do because they were so large and I wasjust I remember one day I came out and I just was crying and that's what I toldhim I can't I don't want to go and I feel horrible because this acne waspreventing me from you know enjoying my life and you feel like people arestaring or you know with my cellulite I can throw on some Spanx you know or youknow wear some yoga pants or whatever and suck it all inbut with acne yeah you can put on makeup but then you just look like a cake faceif you just keep piling it up and piling it up and piling it up so I went to thedermatologist and you know he looked at my face and he asked me what have youbeen doing and I told him you know I've tried benzoyl peroxide I've tried betahydroxy acids I told him how I was cleansing my skin I told him what mydiet was which for the most part is pretty healthy I use my Vitamix and mysir almost everyday I mean I won't you know get a pizza every now and then butfor the most part on a daily basis we eat pretty healthy because I hate towork out so that's a whole nother topic he suggested that I take accutane I wasnot about to take accutane that was not happening and then he also suggested Itake the Sphero no lactone I think that's how you call it spironolactoneI'll put it on the screen and a lot of people have great results from both ofthose medications but there's also a lot of side effects side effects that IowaI'm not interested in experiencing I told him no thank you I will get back tohim and so then I just started doing crazy research I was like psychotic madwoman researching how to heal this but I wanted to heal it in a more natural waybecause since you know I have a history of working in the hospital for you know11 years and working in the emergency room in the medical field a lot of timeswe just treat the symptoms we don't get to the root of the problem and fix itthat way now in my life I'm all about figuring out how to prevent illnessesbut also how to treat them and get to the root cause of the problem versustaking some crazy prescription and you know having all other kinds of sideeffects this is called estro block it comes in a regular strength and thenthis one is the pro formula it's a triple strength so basically what thisis is just like the name says it blocks your estrogen now what is in this it'scalled a dim supplement and I'm not even trying to pronounce what dim stands forI'll pop it here on the screen and what dim is that's in here it's a naturalsubstance that's found in cruciferous vegetables like broccoli cauliflowerbrussel sprouts a lot of the vegetables that many of us do not like to eat ijuice a lot and I use the Vitamix a lot even with the amount that I juice andthat I drink in my Vitamix I'm not getting the amount that's in one ofthese capsules so basically what this is is just a ton of cruciferous vegetablesin one little capsule and let me show you what it looks like they're not bigat all this little pill this is the Liberty stalksit has apricot seed in it let's see I can't read this farastragalus turmeric it has asparagus powder in it pomegranate ginger a lot ofreally good things in this too but I'm going to talk about the liver here in asecond so you might be wondering well why is it called estro block why would Iwant to block my estrogen well there's a big reason why taking estro block helpedme because you might be thinking isn't estrogen good I thought estrogen wasgood for our bodies estrogen actually is good when it's in the right levels andyou know in fact estrogen actually can help your acne so yes it's really goodbut too much of anything can be bad I mean water water is really good for youright but if you chug a ton and ton and ton and ton a ton of water you couldactually die but I won't go into why that happens in the body you can googleit if you if you want to know why so just know that too much of even a goodthing it can kill you so estrogens not that but
in my case andin many people's case and actually men actually have estrogen too but I'mreally only talking about women because I don't really know much about you knowthe male body and all that I just you know know mostly about women clearly ohwhat estrogen does if your estrogen dominant like I am what happens is itspikes your androgen level so what happens when that androgen levels getspiked and they produce a bunch more sebum the sebum clog your pores andcauses and so the reason why I was saying evenif you don't struggle with acne this might be something you're interested inbecause estrogen and high high amounts in your body is just not good I alsohave fibrocystic breasts I've had that ever you know forever but if you're awoman and you're like man my breasts are lumpy and you know you have to keep onein for mammograms and ultrasounds and stuff like that like I do you might havetoo much estrogen and you know a lot of women their breast cancer that oftentimes is studies have shown it's because they have too much estrogen in theirbodies so again I'm not a doctor but if this is something that interests you youreally should start researching it because a lot of people don't know thisand I never knew this I didn't have a clue about this so also you could go tolike a bioidentical hormone doctor which I've done that before also but you knowhe gave me all kinds of things iodine and then all these other things and hegave me levels of progesterone and all of this and I started getting pimplesall over and I was like oh no I don't care that this was thousands of dollarssince insurance doesn't cover it I was like I'm not doing this and he's like noplease just you know you got to stay on this this is great you know let me justtweak the dose of this I was like nope don't want to do it because I was justgetting weird pimples that I never had so bioidentical hormone doctors they Ithink that they're so good because they really know you know your hormones andthey're not all about you know take accutane that's that's not what's gonnahappen if you go to a bioidentical hormone doctor but most insurancecompanies I don't think cover it are still now there are other things thatcan raise your estrogen there are things called xeno estrogens and I will putthat on the screen so you can see what it iswhat xeno estrogens are those are basically things that are mimicking theestrogen are pretending to be estrogen and those are things where you getxenoestrogens from things like BPA the plastics plastic water bottles werestyrofoam cups especially never put hot water a freeze plastic or styrofoambecause it produces more of that horrible chemical also store receiptshave you ever noticed when you go to Whole Foods that they don't give you areceipt unless you on it because those are covered in BPAor if you see the cashiers wearing gloves a lot of times because there's somuch BPA on store receipts so if you don't need a receipt don't touch itdon't take it things like phalates things that are in phthalates are infragrance so I love my Chanel so I know I'm getting phalates in these fragrancesthings like candles I used to buy every candle and the whole house looked like abonfire basically because I had candles burning everywhere but that fragrancethat's in those or Glade plugins or Glade spray Lysol all of thosefragrances even our skincare and you know I'm guilty of that you know hairspray things like that I I do still use stuff that has satellites in it if youtry to cut back on some of these these things that are xenoestrogens buthonestly I just think fragrance and a lot of things that's really bad andthere are some people that say oh that's just a scam people are trying to trickyou you know so that you'll buy healthy candles there's really no healthycandles unless I guess they're made with essential oils but then the burning youknow my husband's a fire fighter so the burning that smoke you know stuff thatchemicals that are in that just they're just not good for you to breathe that inthere are so many other things I mean I'm talking the bovine growth hormonesand animals soy I don't even eat soy anymore or I don't eat products thathave soy isoflavones vipro ducts of soy unless it's organic soy because soy alsomimics your national natural estrogen chemical sunscreens that's somethingelse that has a lot of xeno estrogens in it so hence the reason why you prettymuch only see me using physical or mineral all mineral sunscreens now themain reason is because I like to rub them all around my eyes and any chemicalsunscreen it burns my eyes so bad but there are xenoestrogens fake estrogensin chemical sunscreens anyway so what I'm saying is I like to come to you guysand tell you things not based on oh I read this or I read that I like to tellyou when I tried something and what actually works for me it but again I'mnot saying it's gonna work for you so I forgot to mention I after I saw thedermatologist I went back to my primary doctor she's amazing I love her she shealso has melasma so she's always saying well what are you doing you know how areyou what are you using now for skincare so what I did when I went backto my primary doctor and I had already researched a strobe light old my primarydoctor about this and she said you know what's interesting I was telling yourstory to one of our GUI ends who specializes in hormones and she said shewants to draw your blood and see what your estrogen is doing and so they hadme come in I don't remember what day maybe on day 17 of the cycle you knowyour cycles 28 days they could I don't know it could be 11 I don't rememberI'll have to link the website to the chart down below so you know when yourestrogen would spike but so she had me come in when my estrogen should be hotthe highest and they drew my blood and then a few days later she called me andshe was like are you pregnant I said no I'm not pregnant like why and she saidmy estrogen was like off the charts it was so ridiculously high I can'tremember what the number was so she said yeah try you know try your Esther blocksee you see if that works for you and so what I started doing is I just startedtaking one in the morning I think one in the morning and one at night and I kidyou not within three days instead of them being these big hard red painfulcystic bumps they were still there of course the scars stay forever but theywere like shrunk they were like flat they weren't painfuland I'm like what the heck like I didn't add any new skincare or anything all Idid was take these little broccoli pills basically it's what I call them and theystink they say actually the pills stink really bad so just to let you know ifyou ever take one and then you burp just make sure nobody is nearby who you don'twant to ever have that happen to me when my husband was like standing this closeto me when I thought I'd just be a little silent ladylike burp no don't dothat don't do that so I continued to take him twice a day but then I don'tknow within two weeks I mean they were they were gone they were completely gonebut just there was just like pink scarring low I'm telling you this stuffafter me being depressed me you know not evenable to leave to go to church and spending hours trying to create you knowyou know mask this cover this you know put concealer here I mean it was just soembarrassing and I could not leave the house without makeupI Kali I wish I had to picture you guys but I'm sure you know what I'm talkingabout if any of you suffer with this also ladies if you have the polycysticovary or ovarian syndrome PCOS I you know and I'm reading through differentblogs I hear so many women saying you know I tried this medicine and this andI still have PCOS and they're growing hair on their face and you know they'vegot horrible acne
and they you know can't get pregnant I mean there's somany things that can happen I've heard so many stories about women that hadPCOS that it was gone you know they didn't have all of these problems withassists all over their ovaries after they took this Esther block so I'm notsaying I'm not making any medical claims I'm just saying what I have read sohonestly for me I'm just saying this is the most amazing amazing product thathas ever been created you know there are there are so many people out there thatare really depressed and their quality of life is horrible not because theyhave some serious illness or you know a death in the family but because theyhave acne I mean I know some people say I'll get over it's just acne but it isit is life-altering when you have acne so now I want to talk about this liverdetox this is so important I'm just letting you know right now if you buythe estro block Pro or if you are taking a Dem supplement now I've never triedany other damn supplements I just didn't want to I had such amazing results withthis I just never wanted to try anything else but if you take any type of dimsupplement or the estro block don't waste your money on only that if you'renot detoxing your liver now you don't have to buy this one I've actually justused regular other liver detox stuff that I've gotten a whole foods like milkthistle things like that so so you might wonder well why wouldn't she even betalking about the liver now I thought we were talking about estrogen well there'sa reason why you must detox your liver when you're taking a dim supplement orEsther block now what does the liver do the function of the liver is to detoxthe body so what happened when those xenoestrogens and you knowget into our body in our estrogen it gets really really high and we'reestrogen dominant what happens is even though the liver is trying to filterthings properly well when it gets overloaded it's not able to filter itall out properly and then it just circulates right back into your body andit causes more acne that's another reason not just your liver but you wantto be cleansing out your colon and your gut you know I'm sure if you look upstuff about gut health how a lot of our illnesses start in our gut and that'swhy I like probiotics and not just probiotic supplements but you knowkimchi and different fermented foods and things like that to really help cleanout your pet because many of our illnesses they start right here in ourgut again I'm not a doctor I'm not a dermatologist I am simply telling youwhat has worked for my skin now I don't take these two times a day any more I'mnot saying don't take them two times a dayI honestly wait until I see one pop up or one here I mean the first sign of iteven if I feel something here or here I start taking them instantly now I'm notsaying that's the best way to do it they probably recommend for you tocontinually take them but that's just what I do you know that I can just savea little more money but every time I take this I always always take this fora milk thistle or some type of a liver detox supplement thanks so much you guysI really appreciate you watching and don't forget to subscribe and tap thatnotification bell if you want to get notified every time I post a new videothanks again and I hope you guys have a great day you.

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