High Blood Pressure, How to Treat It at Home

High Blood Pressure: How to Treat It at Home Hypertension is common medical condition nowadays.

Usually, there are no specific warnings aboutthe appearance, when not treated on time, hypertension can trigger the development ofserious health problems.

Insomnia, dizziness, leg cramps, irregularheartbeats are some of the known symptoms caused by hypertension.

How to lower blood pressure that really works: #1.

Bananas: Since we know that potassium plays an essentialrole in the regulation of blood pressure, bananas are the best fruit for this purpose.

Bananas have lots of potassium in their content.

Try to include more bananas into your dailymenu, two bananas will do the job.


Garlic: Experts have proven that only two cloves ofgarlic per day are enough dosage for treating blood pressure.

But remember only raw garlic is powerful tohelp you in the treatments.


Lemon juice: Lemons are fruits abounded with nutrientsessential for the health.

Citrus fruit has the power to hydrate thebody as well to provide just enough vitamins, which can release and protect the blood, vesselsand at the same time regulate the blood pressure.

Since they are rich in potassium they areable to control, and decrease the levels of sodium in the organism.

All you have to do is to drink freshly squeezedlemon juice mix with a glass of water.

Take this medicine every morning as firstof all you are going to do.

If by some reasons you cannot drink in themorning pick your time whenever it suits best for you.

Additional tips: – Reduce the intake of alcohol- Stop smoking – Activate yourself- Reduce the consumption of caffeine – Lower the intake of salt into your food- Fresh, organic and healthy food are the best daily menu Don't Forget To Share With Your Friends AndFamily On Social Network, As You Might Help Someone.

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