Acne & Milia | When to Worry | Parents

You probably thought you wouldn’t have to deal with acne until the teen years, but many babies get their first breakouts a few days to a few weeks after birth.
Baby acne erupts because hormones from your pregnancy are still in your baby‘s system, stimulating his oil glands and clogging pores.
You may see red pimples sprinkled across his cheeks, forehead, upper back, or chest.
They usually go on their own in a few months.
[BabyAcne] Some babies also get tiny whiteheads called milia on their nose,chin, and cheeks.
This is due to skin flakes trapped near the surface of the baby‘s skin.
It also goes away on its own in a few weeks and it doesn’t require treatment.
Both kids of bumps are harmless.
Here’s the best way to treat baby acne.
Use a gentle soap.
Gently clean your baby‘s face with water and a mild baby soap at bath time and then pat dry.
Avoid lotions or oils.
Never pinch or scrub the bumps.
That could cause infection or scarring.
If the pimples last more than three months or look particularly inflamed, see your pediatrician.
She may recommend a topical medication or in rare cases she may refer you to an endocrinologist to make sure your child’s hormone levels are normal.
The good news is that baby acne usually leaves no lasting marks and your baby‘s complexion should be normal within a few months.
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